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Grant Match Program

Receive 20% Off Orders

Every year millions of dollars of educational grant funds are made available by hundreds of public and private institutions nationwide. Many of these funds are earmarked for promoting STEM education and learning in the classroom. In this time of tight budgets, grants provide a welcome source of funding for those all-important science instructional materials, lab equipment, and supplies that are essential for hands-on learning.

We can help you get the most value and utility from your grant award. Use your grant funds to purchase high-quality science products from hBARSCI and we will give you 20% off your order.

Just call us at (585) 360-2295 or email us at to learn more about the Grant Match Program and how to receive your discount. Our friendly and helpful Service Team will answer all your questions, assist you to find the best products, and establish any delivery and payment terms that work best for you.

Private & Public Education Grant Funding Sources

Toshiba America Foundation
NEA Foundation
Bayer Fund
Educators of America
Shell U.S. Funding
Hopkins Education Foundation STEM Grants


Resources for Finding Grants

STEM Grants
Federal Grants



 Frequently Asked Questions


What will I need to provide to qualify for the Grant Match program?

Any proof of award from the funding entity, including but not limited to letters or email.


I have already placed items in my cart that I wish to purchase using my awarded grant funds. What do I have to do to get the 20% discount on my order?

Just call us at 585.360.2295 or email us at with your proof of award, and we will apply a 20% discount


I need to place multiple orders over time using my awarded grant funds. Can I get 20% off on each order or am I limited to receiving the discount on just one order?

We can take 20% off every order purchased with your grant funds


I placed an order with you before xx/xx/2022 using grant funds. Can I get a refund or rebate of 20%?

The Grant Match Program is only effective for qualifying orders placed on or after xx/xx/2022.


I received an email from hbarsci with a discount coupon code that is still valid. Can I get that discount in addition to my 20% off grant match discount?

Discount promotions are not cumulative on a single order. You can apply one promotional offer per order. If you received a specific discount code that is for more than the 20% specified by this Grant Match Program, just contact us at 585.360.2295 or email us at with that code and we will be happy to honor the larger discount on your qualified grant order.