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11x17" Periodic Table - 25 High-Quality Paper Tables with Four New Elements from Summer 2016

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  • Pack of 25 11x17" paper periodic tables
  • New periodic tables for 2016 include the four new elements discovered over the summer: Nihonium (113), Moscovium (115), Tennessine (117), and Oganesson (118)
  • Perfect for use as a reference in a classroom or lab setting
  • Large economic pack size can easily fill classroom needs
  • Table contains additional physical information such as electronegativity and first ionization energy

This package includes 25 periodic tables printed on high-quality 11x17" paper . The tables include the four elements discovered in summer 2016 (nihonium, moscovium, tennessine, and oganesson), and contains a plethora of information on each element. Provided information includes the name, atomic symbol, atomic number, atomic mass, ground-state configuration, electronegativity, and first ionization energy. This package of tables can easily supply a classroom as long-lived reference tables or for use in chemistry labs.