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Half Size Human Torso 28 Parts

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Original price $1,007.99 - Original price $1,007.99
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The detailed, half size 3D rendering of the human torso with its  vibrantly colored anatomy is ideal for studying the structure and  function of the organs of the human body.

Both male and female  sex organs included for study. Some of the organs are also  dissectible for further study (brain, lungs, heart, stomach,  intestine, male genital, and female genital).

The model is  extremely detailed and provides an excellent overview of the  organs in the human torso. This detailed and vividly colored  model provides a visually and kinesthetically effective method  for studying the structure and function of the human body.  

The model contains  the following parts:
Head - 1 Part
Brain - 4 Parts
Eye - 1 Part
Torso - 1 Part
Lungs - 2 Parts
Heart - 2 Parts
Liver - 1 Part
Stomach - 2 Parts
Intestine - 4 Parts
Kidney - 1 Part
Artery & Vein - 1 Part
Male Genital Organ - 4 Parts
Female Genital Organ -  3 Parts
Vertebra - 1 Part
7th Vertebra - 1 Part

Supplied with English Key Card.

Size 26 x 18 x 53 cm approx. Weight 2450 g approx.

Please note, this item is "Build to Order" and will take up to 60 days to ship after placing your order.