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7 Piece Cross-Sectional Earth Model, 13 Inch - Removable Parts

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SKU BD0078
  • DETAILED || Highly detailed 7 piece cross-sectional Earth globe model set measures 13" tall and 10" in diameter
  • 7 PARTS || Seven removable parts provide opportunity for further study into the various layers that make up the planet
  • CROSS SECTIONAL || Cross section allows for intricate understanding of the composition and importance of each layer
  • ROTATION || Illustrates the Earth's rotation on its axis and its revolution
  • FUN & EDUCATIONAL || A great visual way to learn about the various layers of the Earth

    Showing the layers inside the Earth with 7 detachable parts showing the interiors of Earth. Different colors for different layers. When upper crust is removed, inner core with layers can be seen. When layers one by one are removed you can find the periphery of each layer.