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Beaker Pong Set - (12) 500mL Polypropylene Beakers with (2) Pong Balls

Original price $50.99
Current price $33.88
  • (12) 500mL polypropylene beakers are your pong cups
  • Comes with tournament quality pong balls
  • Cups are reusable, shatter resistant, and completely dishwasher safe
  • Top diameter same as red plastic cups (3.75")
Beaker Pong, Scientific Beer Pong Set - 500mL/16.9 Capacity (12 Polypropylene Beakers and 2 Premium Pong Balls)

(12) 500mL Polypropylene Beakers, (2) Tournament Quality Pong Balls

This is truly the scientists answer to beer pong. This set is completely dishwasher safe (autoclavable too, if that's your thing), reusable, and shatter resistant. It puts those "red cups" to shame. Seriously. Additionally, you can make sure people are getting the same amount of liquid in each cup.

Beer is not included. Obviously.