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Set of 20 rocks, Igneous, Metamorphic, Sedimentary, supplied in laminated diecut box

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  • Contains 20 varied rock samples
  • Comes with identification key breaking each down by category: Igneous, Metamorphic or Sedimentary
  • Each rock comes in numbered bag for convenience and ongoing study
  • Supplied in laminated, compartmentalized, die-cut box

Set of Collections of Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic rocks containing different rock specimens supplied in laminated diecut box. Each rock numbered corresponding to info on box. Contains 1 sample of each: Basalt, Gabbro, Granite, Obsidian, Pegmatite, Pumice, Anthracite, Gneiss, Marble, Quartzite, Serpentine, Slate, Chalk Lumps, Conglomerate, Diatomite, Flint, Lime Stone, Rock Salt, Sand Stone, Shale