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Set of 20 Metallic Ores

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  • 20 samples measuring approximately 1/2" (2cm) of ores commonly used for metal refinement
  • Some of the ores in the kit include beryl, chromite, galena, hematite, magnetite, and sphalerite
  • Perfect set for learning about raw materials and economic geology
  • High-quality samples are a great addition to any collection
  • Samples come bagged in foam-lined box for safe and easy storage


This set of 20 metallic ores showcases some of the most prominent rock and mineral specimens used in the refinement of raw materials. Each sample is approximately 1/2" in length, and are bagged to keep them safe from damage. Great for a demonstrative lesson on where the raw materials for our infrastructure come from. This set contains asbestos and lead in small amounts.

Samples included in the set (and associated ore elements):

  • Asbestos (Mg)
  • Bauxite (Al)
  • Beryl (Be)
  • Calcite (Ca)
  • Chalcopyrite (Cu)
  • Chromite (Cr)
  • Corundum (Al)
  • Dolomite (Mg)
  • Feldspar (Al & K)
  • Galena (Pb)
  • Hematite (Fe)
  • Laterite (Al & Fe)
  • Limestone (Ca)
  • Magnesite (Mg)
  • Magnetite (Fe)
  • Psilomelane (Mn)
  • Pyrite (Fe)
  • Pyrolusite (Mn)
  • Rock Salt (Na)
  • Sphalerite (Zn)