Extra Large 5,000ml Boroscilicate Filtering Flask

by Eisco

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  • 5,000ml Capacity Flask with barbed side arm for filtering
  • 500ml graduations
  • Heavy boroscilicate glass walls
  • Top opening diameter is 2 inches so use a #12 or #13 stopper
  • Glass has no defects and a perfectly flat bottom, will sit perfectly on a hot plate or stirrer

Flask is heavy walled made of boroscilicate glass. The opening is 2 inches innder diameter so use a #12 or #13 stopper. The barbed glass side arm accepts a vacuum hose. The 3.3 boroscilicate is prefect for heating and cooling as it has a low coefficient of thermal expansion. The flask is typically used to create a vacuum and filter solutions. Flask also works as a buchner flask for filtering solutions in chemistry, physics, and life science labs and educational settings.

Vendor: Eisco
Product Name: Extra Large 5,000ml Boroscilicate Filtering Flask
Product SKU: CH0420F