Power Supplies Regulated AC/DC 0-6V, 5Amp.

by Eisco
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    The Power Supply gives two INDEPENDENT outputs, 6VAC & 0-6VDC (Regulated) continuously variable with the help of knob provided in the centre of front panel & duly calibrated as per the marking. The two Outputs AC Voltage & DC Voltage can be used SIMULTANEOUSLY at full loads. 6V AC Voltage is available at four blue socket outputs. Voltage can be selected from 1-6V with different combinations. Outputs are overload & short circuit protected thermally & electronically. Operates on 110/120V AC, 60Hz and 220/240V AC, 50/60 Hz using voltage selector switch. Size : 22 x 20 x 13 cm Weight : 3.7kg

    Vendor: Eisco
    Product Name: Power Supplies Regulated AC/DC 0-6V, 5Amp.
    Product SKU: EPR1329A