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Travertine Specimen (Sedimentary Rock), Approx. 1" (3cm)

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  • Travertine sample approximately 1" (3cm) in size
  • Carbonate rock that forms from the outflow of hot springs
  • Perfect size for use in classroom identification labs and exercises, correlates well to Next Generation Science Standards Evidence Statements
  • Travertine makes up most of the Roman Colosseum
  • Specimen comes in clear labeled and barcoded bag for ideal storage

Travertine is a carbonate rock formed from gushing hot springs. The airy, porous material indicates an abundance of air bubbles moving through the rock as it solidified. While this characteristic is normally reserved for igneous rocks, travertine is unique in that it forms as a result of rapidly dropping pH levels. This sample is useful in lessons on sedimentary petrology and geothermal systems. Each piece is approximately 1" long and comes in a labeled plastic bag.