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Mineral ID Kit - 7 Pieces - Includes Streak Plate, Glass Plate, Dropper Bottle, Magnet, Nail, Copper Square & Retractable Hand Lens - Great for Geology Classrooms & Basic Field Testing

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  • EXPLORE FIELD TESTING TECHNIQUES | A fun way to explore the variety of techniques that geologists use to identify rocks and minerals
  • IDENTIFY ROCKS & MINERALS | Test mineral hardness, streak color, magnetic properties, appearance, and effervescence to identify different minerals and mineral content within rock specimens
  • 7 PIECE KIT | Includes seven essential tools - reusable streak plate, glass plate, dropper bottle, magnet, nail, copper square & retractable hand lens
  • PORTABLE | Pocket size tools are perfect for field testing. Comes in a zip lock bag for easy storage
  • GREAT FOR GEOLOGY CLASSROOMS | Useful for demonstrations in identifying and classifying rocks and minerals. Perfect for group activities
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Original price $19.99 - Original price $19.99
Original price
$19.99 - $19.99
Current price $19.99
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Mineral Identification Kit

Essential tool kit for exploring geology and field testing techniques. Great for geology classrooms and budding geologists.

Kit includes seven, pocket size tools for portability. Packaged in a zip lock bag for easy storage.

Included in Kit

  • Reusable Streak Plate, 1.6" W x 1.6" L x 0.2" H
  • Glass Plate, 3" L x 2" W x 0.5" H
  • Nail, 3" L
  • Magnet, 1.2" L x 0.75" W x 0.2" H
  • Copper Square, 0.8" L x 0.8" W
  • Retractable Magnifying Lens, 2.6" L x 1.2" W x 0.3" H (opened)
  • Empty LDPE Dropper Bottle (2oz/15ml), 1" Dia, 2.25" H

Test mineral hardness using the glass plate, nail and copper square. Test streak color by rubbing mineral across the streak plate. Using the magnet, determine if your mineral has strong, weak or no magnetic properties. LDPE dropper bottle useful for storing and performing an effervescence test (requires dilute hydrochloric acid, not included). The retractable magnifying glass is perfect for close up examinations of your minerals and testing results.