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Power Supplies Universal Regulated AC/DC

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    This power supply provides seven DC voltages and one AC voltage. The 5V, 8V and -8V are the regulated voltages provided and all other are unregulated filtered DC voltages. Unit features overload protection indicator, glass fuses. CSA approved & CE marked. This is a very useful power supply. It provides all type of normally required DC voltages. The output voltages are as under : (i) 0 to 5V at 3 Amps. (Adjustable Regulated) (ii) + 8 volts fixed voltages 0.1 Amp. Regulated (iii) + 250V fixed voltages unregulated at 10mA (iv) + 125V fixed voltages unregulated at 10mA In addition to this, it also provides the fixed 6.3V AC voltages at 2 Amp capacity. Unit is properly earthed & HV tested. All the regulated voltages are overload and short-ciruit protected. The AC O/P voltage is protected using 2 Amp. thermal cut-off switch. Operates on 110/120V AC, 60Hz and 220/240V AC, 50/60 Hz using voltage selector switch.  Size 26 x 25 x 17 cm  Weight 4.5kg

    Please note, this item is "Build to Order" and will take up to 60 days to ship after placing your order.