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Center of Mass Kit - Made in the United States - Eisco Garage Physics

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SKU GP00003
  • With this kit the user can build a center of mass demonstration that will surprise you, your student, and all of your friends
  • Kit containers: Storage box in image, Slotted Mass Set, protractor, high strain rubber bands (3), engineering balancing boards (2), and instructions
  • DIY assembly and activity
  • Gain a conceptual then mathematical knowledge of center of mass
  • Activity gives a dramatic demonstration of center of mass and allows user to calculate and move the center of mass in the demonstration

Center of Mass (or Center of Gravity) is a single point on any solid body about which the weight is balanced in all directions. This kit will explore the center of mass of a two body system and create a demonstration that almost appears to be magic. This kit is sourced and assembled entirely in the United States.

Click here for instructions