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Eisco Garage Physics Large Trebuchet DIY Kit - 21 inch Beam Arm, made in U.S.A.

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  • Medieval weapons, engineering, and physics - not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon constructing this trebuchet which will throw the included ping pong ball more than 30 feet and heavier objects farther.
  • The main material is high quality precision-cut Birch verner pure bond plywood.
  • All necessary parts are included and shown in picture, holes are pre drilled.
  • The kit is specially designed to be safe and robust. Dry firings and heavy projectiles are no problem for this kit.
  • All that is needed for assembly is time, a screw driver, a hammer, and fun. No glue, mess or fuss, just assembly and experimentation

The trebuchet is one of the most elegant of all medieval weapons ever invented. With a simple counterweight, beam arm, and sling, heavier projectiles can be launched much further than is possible with other siege engines. Think of it as a machine which transforms gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy. A lot of kinetic energy! Arcing across your yard! We include a ping pong ball, but have experimented with marshmallows, jelly beans, bouncy balls and other safe objects. Two release pin angles allow exploration of how the release angle changes the trajectory. The included guide provides clear assembly instructions with pictures. It also contains pedagogy for exploring concepts of energy transfer using the scientific method.