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Lab Quality Genetic Super Taster Test Kits with Storage Case and Instructions - Classroom Pack (100 sets of strips) - PTC, Sodium Benzoate, Thiourea, and Control (No Chemical)

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  • Link to sample activity included
  • PTC only has a taste to 7 out of 10 people and different genes determine if you can taste sodium benzoate. If it tastes salty, bitter, or sweet to you, then you have the dominant gene (S-). If you don't taste anything, you are recessive (ss). Thiourea may have taste if you can taste PTC.
  • Includes a hard plastic case for easy storage of the kit.
  • Perfect for a demonstration of genetics and heredity
  • One vial of 100 of each kind = 100 sets (4x100 strips)
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Original price $19.97 - Original price $19.97
Original price
$19.97 - $19.97
Current price $19.97
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Are you a "Supertaster?!"


Materials Included:

Premium Storage Case

100 Strips containing Phenylthiourea (PTC)

100 Strips containing Sodium Benzoate

100 Strips containing Thiourea

100 Strips containing NO chemical (Control)


Key Vocabulary:

Genotype: the specific genes found in DNA.

Phenotype: the physical expression of genes (examples: eye color; tasting ability).

Heredity: the passing of genetic information from parent to offspring.

Punnett Square: a method for determining the qualitative chances of offspring inheriting certain genes from their parents.

Just as humans have different levels of acuity in the senses of smell and sight, they also have differences in their ability to taste. Approximately 25% of Americans are considered "supertasters" and, of this subset, people have varying levels of "supertasting" ability. "Supertasters" are people who have the ability to taste the substance Phenylthiourea (PTC). Some people cannot taste this substance at all and others taste it quite distinctly. Whether or not a person is a supertaster (phenotype) is dependent on his/her genetics (genotype). For the purposes of this experiment, the dominant supertasting gene will be represented as "S" and the recessive supertasting gene will be represented as "s." Based on the genetics involved, there are four basic types of tasters à normal tasters (no S or s), standard supertasters (__ s), recessive supertasters (ss), and dominant supertasters (S__).

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