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Large Periodic Table Chart (8'x4'), Containing New Elements Discovered Summer 2016 - Corrugated Cardboard

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  • Gigantic 8'x4' (96"x48") periodic table made from corrugated cardboard to withstand heavy use
  • Detailed information for each element includes atomic number, mass, electronegativity, ionization energy, ground-state configurations, and more
  • This periodic table includes the four new elements discovered in June 2016: nihonium (113), moscovium (115), tennessine (117), and oganesson (118)
  • Tri-fold construction makes table easily stored or transported
  • Most detailed, complete, and largest periodic table on the market

This periodic table is massive, and made from sturdy corrugated cardboard. Perfect for classrooms and chemistry labs. The tri-fold design makes the chart easily portable. This new chart also includes the four newest elements added to the periodic table: nihonium (113), moscovium (115), tennessine (117), and oganesson (118). With the addition of these four newcomers, this makes hBARSCI's periodic table the most complete and informative table on the market.