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HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY - Get 10% off with code BLACKFRIDAY10

hBAR Premium Polypropylene Beaker Mugs, Laboratory Quality Plastic, 16.9oz (500mL) Capacity - Pack of 4 Mugs - Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

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  • 4.8" tall by 3.2" diameter plastic beaker mugs.
  • Designed for the laboratory but can easily be used in your home.
  • Premium polypropylene plastic allows for them to be (virtually) indestructible. (Real talk, you definitely can break them if you smash them with a hammer or stomped on them or something. You just won't break them by dropping them on your kitchen floor or bumping into something - normal day to day use.)
  • Ships in frustration free, simple cardboard packaging.
  • Premium glass beaker mugs also available, search for PHBKM500

Premium polypropylene plastic beaker mugs. Lightweight, designed to be virtually indestructible. While they aren't thermally insulated, they still offer a very cool way to consume both a warm and cold beverage. BPA Free.