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Bubble Rock - Grow Your Own Crystals (Comes With 2 Pieces and Instructions)

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  • GROW YOUR OWN CRYSTALS || Grow your own crystals on the "bubble rocks" with this simple experiment. A fun activity that introduces young learners to minerals, crystals and chemical reactions
  • INCLUDED || Kit includes two gray limestone rocks (approximately 2-3 inches in size) and simple instructions for conducting the experiment. Required but not included: Distilled white vinegar and a transparent glass container
  • EASY & FUN || Simply place your bubble rocks in a glass container with white vinegar, and let sit for 1-2 weeks and watch as crystals start to form
  • TRACK THE GROWTH OF YOUR CRYSTALS || Experiment takes up to two weeks to complete, making it easy to track the growth of the crystals
  • GREAT FOR CLASSROOMS OR AT HOME || Perform the experiment with a class of students, or enjoy a fun activity with young learners at home

Bubble rock is a carbonate rock undergoes a chemical reaction when immersed in a weak acid, such as vinegar. This reaction causes some of the rock to dissolve and recrystallize, growing beautiful white crystals on top of the specimen.

This pack includes two, 2-3" bubble rocks (gray limestone), as well as instructions for performing the experiment.
Required materials (NOT included): Distilled white vinegar, and a transparent glass container.

The process is simple - place rock in a transparent glass container, and place the rock in the white distilled vinegar. Leave a small portion of the rock unsubmerged. Leave the rock in the vinegar, and within 1-2 weeks, crystals will begin to grow.

An exciting experiment to conduct with your students in the classroom or enjoy at home!