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Innovating Science STEM Investigations: Design a Water Filter (Materials for 15 Groups)

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SKU IS3453
  • Classroom activity kit designed to teach students about water filtration systems
  • Students will learn how water treatment facilities create safe drinking water
  • A hands-on activity will allow students to design and test their own filtration system
  • Materials for 15 groups of students
  • Kit instructions and safety data sheets included

How is the water that comes out of our faucets made safe for consumption? This classroom lab kit aims to have students be able to answer that question by teaching them about water filtration systems. In addition to learning about water filtration plants, students will also be able to engineer, develop, and evaluate their own water filter. This kit contains enough material for 15 groups of students, and includes instructions and safety data sheets for all components.

What's in the box?

  • 1500g bottle of fine sand
  • 1500g bottle of gravel
  • 300g bottle of activated charcoal
  • 5mL bottle of green food coloring
  • 25mL bottle of white vinegar
  • 30 coffee filters
  • 1 bag cotton balls
  • 75 plastic cups
  • Instructions and safety data sheets

For Laboratory Use Only

Not for drug, food, or household use. Keep out of reach of children. For more information, refer to the Safety Data Sheet.