Innovating Science Synthesis of Rayon Kit

by Innovating Science

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  • Exciting polymer demonstration in which students synthesize rayon using recycled paper!
  • Cuprammonium Rayon is produced by dissolving natural cellulose
  • Blue Rayon strands are produced in aqueous solution, as Rayon is insoluble in water
  • Instructions and Safety Data Sheet included
In this polymer chemistry experiment, recyclable paper (newspaper etc) is dissolved in a solution of Ammonium Hydroxide and Cupric Sulfate before being added to a sulfuric acid solution with an ey dropper, forming blue strands. Students learn that Cuprammonium Rayon is an example of a regenerated cellulose by observing a natural rayon dissolved into an aqueous solution.
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Product Name: Innovating Science Synthesis of Rayon Kit
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