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Eisco Labs Projectile Launcher, Spring Loaded - 10ft Range

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  • All inclusive lab guide to teach 2 Dimensional Motion, muzzle velocity, launch angle.
  • Constructed of heavy gauge steel
  • Accurate and repeatable trajectories and distances due to fine tune launch mechanism and minimal ball spin
  • 1 Degree increment launch angle resolution
  • Fine thread adjustable launch force.
EISCO Projectile Launcher, Spring Loaded - 10ft Range

(1) Projectile launcher

Durable, unbreakable. Aluminium construction with hardened steellatches. String release trigger mechanism with 2 bore sights. Pivots from horizontal to 90. 19 mm diameter ball with hole is easy to use fixed launch position. Trajectories vary less than 1 cm because ball does not spin when launched. Includes assembled spring loaded gun, two balls of aluminium, protractor, plumb bob and complete with operating instructions.