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7 Piece Acrylic Prism Set - 0.5" (approximately 13mm) thickness

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  • Kit contains seven acrylic prisms measuring 0.5" thick
  • Shapes include a rectangle, a semicircle, three triangles, and double convex and double concave prisms
  • Prisms are polished and safely stored in foam within a wooden box
  • Acrylic material is less vulnerable than glass
  • This is a great set for classrooms and for use at home learning about the properties of light

This set contains seven acrylic prisms, each 0.5" (approximately 13mm) thick. Prisms are stored inside a polished wooden box. Contains 2x3" rectangle, 3" diameter semi-circle, 3" equilateral triangle, 45-45-90 triangle with 3" hypotenuse, 30-60-90 triangle with 3" hypotenuse, 3" double concave with 3" inner radius, and 3" double convex with 3" outer radius. Great set for demonstrating the reflecting, refracting, and scattering properties of light.