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Eisco Labs Direct Vision Spectroscope in Metal Case

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SKU PH0595
  • Spectroscope has a strong housing for student use.
  • Very good resolution
  • Printed scale in english on metal case
  • 7" x 4.75"x 1.125" metal case
Direct vision spectroscope has a strong housing and is excellent for student use. It has a very bright 600 lines/mm holographic replica granting a very good resolution.

The bright bands of the dominant wavelengths are clearly visible against the scale.

Includes Plastic vials with a mount onto the spectroscope

Use: The spectroscope has been designed to let the users look through a split spectrum of light decomposed by an optical system. The spectra superposition obtained on the graduated scale of the spectroscope, allows to measure the main lengths of the lines on wave spectral lamps.