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Eisco Labs Color Mixing Box

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  • Essential for optics lab experiments
  • Rotating platform for high degree of accuracy
  • Comes with single, double, triple and wide slit plates
  • Requires 12 V power supply (not included)
Eisco Labs Refraction and Reflection Apparatus

This optical kit helps students easily study these two important wave properties. Eisco Labs Ray Box and rotating platform are mounted on a sturdy base. The rotating platform provides a high degree of accuracy when making measurements as well as provides an easy way to change angles without disturbing the light source or the object the light is being projected upon.

Also included is an acrylic semi-circle that can be filled with different mediums for measuring the index of refraction.

The ray box comes with single, double, triple and wide slit attachments, two metal shields for blocking light, and an acrylic lens for focusing the beam of light.

Apparatus helps students use Snell's Law to determine the critical angle of a fluid, to find the index of refraction and to discover the law of reflection.

12 V Power supply is needed to run the light source (such as Eisco Labs Battery Eliminator). Apparatus measures 15.5 x 9.5 x 5 inches.