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Eisco Labs Ultimate Wave Form Helix with Wooden Stand - 20cm closed height

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SKU PH0709N8
    The ULTIMATE Wave Form Helix w/ Wooden Stand - This isn't your standard "Slinky"*

    (1) Wave form helix

    *this is not a toy. It is way more awesome than that: it's a scientific instrument.

    Includes: (1) Ultimate Wave Form Helix, (1) Wooden Stand
    Item Number: PH0709N8

    You've seen the classic toy. We've seen the classic toy. This is not it.

    This looming tower of metal dwarfs the standard toy at TWICE the closed height (20cm vs. the standard 10cm) and can be stretched out up to 65ft to amplify the impact of your demonstration.

    Plan on your students/friends/families/strangers not quickly forgetting the waves you form with this.

    If you plan on putting this down some stairs, the step height needs to be pretty tall (definitely taller than a standard staircase).

    Oh.. And did we mention it has a wooden stand? Yea.. It's that awesome.