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Hand Crank Van De Graaf Generator, 24 Inch - 9.8 Inch Dome

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  • HAND CRANK VAN DE GRAAFF || Perfect for demonstrating energy transformation from mechanical to electrical. This hand crank Van De Graaff is excellent for physics classrooms and exciting for learners of all ages
  • UP TO 100,000 VOLTS || Apparatus can generate an electrostatic charge of up to 100,000 volts in the right conditions
  • INTERCHANGEABLE COMPONENTS || Components are interchangeable and replaceable, depending on regular operating atmosphere different configuration kits available to produce maximum results
  • 9.8" METAL SPHERE || Apparatus measures 24" in height and features a metal sphere measuring 9.8" (20cm) in diameter
  • INCLUDED EXPERIMENT GUIDE || Set includes polished and hand spun Van de Graaff Dome measuring 9.8" in diameter, a 4" discharge wand, 4mm grounding wire and experiment guide with activity questions for learners
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The Van De Graaff generator is a simple device designed to create large voltages with low current. It can be used to dynamically demonstrate several physical concepts, including: electrostatics, conservation of charge, conduction, and ionization. Static electricity is a familiar concept we encounter on a daily basis. It explains why static cling affects our clothes, the shock we sometimes experience when touching a doorknob on a dry winter day, and why we can cause a friend's hair to stand on end by “charging up” a balloon.
This hand crank operated Van De Graaff Generator measures 24" tall and produces up to 100,000 Volts and is ideal for demonstrating the transformation of energy from mechanical to electrical. Set includes a polished and hand spun 9.8" Van de Graaff Dome, 4" Discharge Sphere, assembled base, 4mm grounding wire, and an experiment guide with activity questions for learners.

Interchangeable with a variety of components including Eisco Labs 7 Piece Electrostatics kit (PH0918C).