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Eisco Labs Resistance Substitution Board - 33 ohms - 10M ohms

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SKU PH0992
  • Ideal for circuit testing or electronics classroom investigation
  • 12 Different Resitors selectable via rotary knob
  • Connect to circuit via 4mm leads
  • 33 ohms to 10 M ohms
Eisco Labs Resistance Substitution Board

This resistor board is extremely useful for all circuit applications. Great for electronics classrooms or labs, or for use in circuits under design or in testing conditions.

Comprised of 12 different resistors situated on a board, with standard preferred values from 33 ohms to 10M ohms in step ratio of 1:3. Select the resistance via the rotary switch and connect into a circuit by the 4 mm sockets terminals.

Board dimensions are 5 x 3.5 x 2 inches.