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Premium Quantitative Spectroscope

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  • Measure light, wavelengths, and color from light Sources
  • Measure wavelengths from 400nm to 700nm
  • Accuracy is +/- 5nm
EISCO Premium Quantitative Spectroscope

(1) Spectroscope

This is the most durable and accurate spectroscope available on the market as it modeled to firmly hold the diffraction grating and scale, unlike other models which tape the grating and scale to the body of the spectroscope. The results are a brighter easier to see readings to measure wavelengths against a scale so that a user can collect numeric wavelength data.

Common uses for this spectroscope are measuring spectra emitted from charge gas tubes, flame tests, as well as some basic astronomy applications.

The spectroscope works by light entering a slight which then a view observes the light a diffraction grating and see through the diffraction grating to a wavelength scale.

Have fun viewing different light sources you see every day to determine what wavelength they are actually emitting.