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Moving Coil Multirange Meter - Voltmeter

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For DC & AC current and voltage. The operation of these meters depend on the reaction of the current circulating in the moving coil and a field of a fixed permanent magnet. Considering the operationalnature and design of these instruments , the scale is linear. Since the direction of the movement rotation depends on the direction of the current flow ( polarity) in the circuit. The moving coil multirange meter can be used on direct current circuit and also alternating current with a suitable rectifier inserted in the circuit.

Moving Coil Multirange Meter - VoltmeterDC - AC Volt Meter Ranges0 - 1 - 10 - 30 - 100 -300 - 500 VoltsAccuracy : DC + 2 F. S. D., AC + 2.5 F. S. D.Scale Length : 85 mm Approx with knife edge pointer and anti parallel mirror scaleDial Size : 80 x 100 mm rectangularOverall Size : 190 x 125 x 85 mm Approx.

Please note, this item is "Build to Order" and will take up to 60 days to ship after placing your order.