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Eisco Labs Planck's Constant Determination Box

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SKU PH1365
  • Determine approximate value of Planck's Constant
  • 7 LEDs from 470nm to 940nm
  • 9V power supply or battery required
Planck's Constant Determination Box

(1) Determination Box

This apparatus is designed to determine the approximate value of Plancks constant using the elbow voltage in the characteristic curves of a number of LEDs. There are 7 LEDs covering from deep blue at 470 nm to near IR 940 nm mounted on the box with sockets for voltage and current measurements..By monitoring the voltage at which each LED just begins to emit light a graph of energy input as a function of light emitted frequency can be plotted and an approx value of Planck's constant can be deduced. External power supply for 9 volts is required or a 9 Volts battery with suitable connecting cords can also be used.