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Eisco Labs Molecular Orbital Set

Original price $59.99
Current price $36.67
SKU SET00614
  • Build 14 different Models
  • Illustrated instructions
  • Storage case
This set helps visualize the shapes of atomic and molecular orbitals. Contains enough individual parts to build 14 distinct models. 1s Unhybridized (1) 3d Unhybridized (5) 2s Unhybridized (1) 2s + 3 2 p orbitals Unhybridized (1) 2p Unhybridized (3) sp, sp2 sp3 Hybridized (3) Pink and purple coloured pear-shaped lobes represent the two wave phase (positive & negative) of the p and d atomic orbitals. White spheres represent the atomic nuclei. Each model comes with a transparent base for display. Comes complete with a sturdy plastic storage box and clearly illustrated instructions.