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2 Piece Santa's Scientific Christmas Coal Set - Premium Cotton Bag and 1 Large Lump of Genuine American Coal

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  • One large lump of coal. Approximately 2.5"x2"x1.5" - egg or golf ball sized. Please due note that the actual size may very slightly and if you are unhappy with exact size of the coal, you can contact us for a free replacement.
  • Premium cotton muslin bag keeps any created coal dust contained inside the bag
  • Link included on card to an experiment to grow snowflakes on your coal. (Note: There are some additional required ingredients for the experiment that are not included.)
  • Perfect stocking stuffer

A lump of genuine American coal is the perfect gift for anyone on the naughty list. But it doesn't have to be all bad news - a link to a science experiment is included! (Note, the experiment does require some other ingredients not included with the coal).

Golf ball to egg sized lump is packed in a cotton drawstring bag, with a card that includes a link to an experiment to grow snowflake like crystals on your coal.