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Tapeworm/Taenia-Solium Model, 20 Inch - Features 8 Stages

  • LIFELIKE DESIGN || 3-dimensional tapeworm/taenia solium teaching demonstration model with lifelike design built from a custom mold 
  • DURABLE || Made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic for durability and mounted onto backboard
  • SHOWS 8 STAGES || Ideal for studying the structure and function of a tapeworm - Anatomy is numbered for easy reference
  • INCLUDES KEY || Phases and key details are numbered - Includes key for easy identification
  • HAND-PAINTED || Great for using during demonstrations in the classroom - Hand-painted using vibrant eco-friendly paint - Designed by subject matter experts
This tapeworm model has 8 stages showing all of the anatomy of the tapeworm. These models are hand painted with very high detail. Prefect for class room setting to show and examine the parasitic tapeworm. Tapeworms can reside in a large variety of animals: humans, pigs, cows, sheep, fish, cats. Each Model stage is screw down to the board for long term durability.