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5 Favorite Science Activity Kits for Kids - Under $25

5 Favorite Science Activity Kits for Kids - Under $25

If you know a young, emerging scientist, check out these hands-on science activities - all under $25!

We love science. We REALLY love hands-on science exploration. The best part of our jobs here at hBAR is new product development and testing, an opportunity to put on our lab coats and safety goggles. Here are some top picks for activity kits to bring that same joy to your kids.

1) Basic Circuits Kit

Budding engineers will find everything they need to explore electricity and build basic, parallel, and series circuits. This kit includes an experiment guide, or they can create something all their own. ($13.21)

2) Bubble Rock

Geology lovers can grow their own crystals on the "bubble rocks" with this simple experiment. It's a fun activity that introduces young learners to minerals, crystals and chemical reactions. 

This kit includes two gray limestone rocks (approximately 2-3 inches in size) and simple instructions for conducting the experiment. (white vinegar and a clear cup are required, not included) ($13.99)

3) Potato Clock

Make a clock run just from a potato using a redox reaction - a fascinating display of the conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy, that inventors of any age can enjoy! Instruction manual included, but you’ll need to supply the potatoes / fruits. ($22.99)

4) Acids & Bases Exploration Kit

Curious minds will explore acids, bases, and the pH scale while performing hands-on experiments. Using litmus paper, they will be able to test whether various chemicals are acidic or basic. 

Once young scientists understand the process and how the paper reacts based on pH, they will love testing everyday materials in or around their home to strengthen their understanding of acids and bases! ($24.95)

5) Future Scientist's Laboratory Bath Kit

Even the youngest future scientists can explore and pretend they are at their lab bench with this authentic and totally safe set of plastic labware. From developing fine motor skills to learning about measurement this set is sure to keep them busy in or out of the tub! ($19.77)

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