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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Science Deals: Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Science Deals: Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, explore the wonders of science with's exceptional Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Perfect for science teachers seeking engaging classroom materials, parents looking for educational activities to do with their kids, or anyone keen on expanding their personal science collection, our holiday gift guide caters to a diverse range of interests. Organized by subject, our selection includes everything from hands-on experiments for family fun to holiday-themed science kits, ensuring that there's a fascinating scientific discovery for everyone this festive season.


Microscope EXM-150 - Monocular Head, 40-400X Magnification, Disc Diaphagm, Cordless LED Illumination


Miniature Human Adult Skull Model, 2.5 Inch - 3 Parts - Articulated Mandible & Removable Skull Cap

Holiday Themed


potbuddy magnetic plant pots on whiteboard

Science Kits

Innovating Science - Fluorescent Slime Using Polyvinyl Alcohol Chemistry Demo Kit




rock cycle kit with unfolded lit

Lab Equipment

14 Piece Test Tube Set - Includes 1 x Test Tube Rack, 1 x Funnel and 12 x Test Tubes with Caps - Hardwood and Borosilicate Glass

Each day this Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend we will have a special deal. Come back each day for more exciting science-themed gifts!

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