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Homemade Herbal Extracts

Making your own extracts is simple and easy to do with the right materials from hBARSCI. Extraction is the process of using a solvent (also called a menstruum) like alcohol to isolation and concentrate desired compounds from herbs or other plants into a solution. Extractions are used to make bitters, tonics, and homemade sodas; medicinal tinctures; and soap, shampoos, and lotions.

This popular YouTube video offers a great overview of the concept of extractions, necessary materials, and step-by-step instructions on how to make your own soda.


Materials used to perform extraction:


Dropping Funnel (Percolator). This is the primary apparatus needed for extractions. The open top of our Dropping Funnels makes it easier to add your herbs or spices, pour in your menstruum, and clean out the contents when complete. A Support Stand & Clamp is used to hold and suspend the Dropping Funnel over your collection vessel such that there is an unobstructed view and access to the stopcock and stem, and to prevent the stem coming in contact with the collected extract. We offer the Dropping Funnel & Support Stand as a convenient and economical set in either a 500mL or 1000mL size.



    Flask or Beaker: Positioned under the Dropping Funnel setup to collect the extracted solution.

    Sieves. Used to sort and collect just the smallest particles from your ground herbs and spices, as recommended for the type of extract you are making. No.10 (2mm) and No.18 (1mm) sieves are the more common sizes used.



    Wash Bottle. Allows for precise delivery of small amounts of your menstruum into to the percolator, typically to pre-rinse the filter bed and inside surface of the Dropping Funnel prior to adding the ground material to be extracted.


    Quartz Sand. Used to establish a filter bed at the bottom of the Dropping Funnel.



    Scoop: For transferring your ground material into the Dropping Funnel.




    Filter Discs. Precut circles of porous material to help protect the contents in the Dropping Funnel.





    Glass Bottles. Reagent Bottles and Dropping Bottles are both ideal vessels for storing your finished extract for future use.




    Interested in the process of distilling your own essential oils? Read our blog on how to do it with our Essential Oils Extraction Apparatus.