Overhead Projector

by Eisco Labs
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ABS body, 90mm Single element uni-focal lens. Platform size 250x250mm

o ABS body. Projector arm foldable and rotating projection head 360º. Excellent Contrast through 90 mm single element uni-focal giving optimum brightness.o Rust and shock proof. Projector e*uipped with two halogen lamps with *uick changer lamp which can be operated from outside. o Platform size 250 x 250 mm with anti*ue layer Fresnel lens. Halogen lamp 2 x 24 V / 250W and economy switch with DIN / Bright light is fitted. Cooling fan maintain low temperature on the stage. o Fine focusing with rack and pinion mechanism. Safety interlock system, automatically cut-off while replacing lamp. Supplied in thermocol packing for safe transit.
Vendor: Eisco Labs
Product Name: Overhead Projector
Product SKU: BI0064OP