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DIY Catapult - Explore Force, Acceleration, and Hooke's Law - Garage Physics

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SKU GP00007
  • Explore force, acceleration, Hooke's law, and parabolic trajectories by building and testing a fully-functional catapult
  • Kit is designed for all ages of children, from youngsters to high school
  • Contains catapult base, sides, lever arm, rubber bands, screws, dowels, hook, and ping-pong ball
  • Hands-on activities aid in the conceptualization of abstract mathematical ideas
  • Instructions contain activity guidelines segmented by age group


The Eisco Garage Physics Catapult allows students of any age to explore the concepts of force, acceleration, parabolic trajectory, center of mass, Hooke's law, vector components, and class 2 levers while also providing hours of fun. The DIY kit is simple and quick to assemble, and includes adjustable parts to experiment with different initial conditions. Instructions included with the kit detail learning exercises and routes of further exploration. Everything needed to build the catapult is included. This kit is sourced and assembled entirely in the United States, and correlates well with NGSS standards 3-PS2-1&2, MS-PS2-2, and HS-PS2-1 (Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions). Kit contains small parts that may be a choking hazard.