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Layers of the Earth - Set of 4 Rock and Mineral Specimens Including Granite, Basalt, Olivine, and Peridotite

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  • 4 rock and mineral samples representing the layers of the earth
  • Included in this set: granite, basalt, olivine, and peridotite
  • Each sample measures approximately 1" (3cm) long
  • Learn about the layers of the earth as you travel deeper and deeper
  • Samples come in a polystyrene box for easy and safe storage


The Earth is divided into several distinct layers, each with their own composition and properties. As you travel deeper and deeper into the earth, different rocks and minerals will form. This collection includes rocks and minerals from different points in the Earth's layers. Samples measure approximately 1" (3cm) and come in a polystyrene case. Included samples are granite, basalt, olivine, and peridotite.