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Innovating Science Exploring the Solubility Rules: A Guided Inquiry (Materials for 15 Groups)

SKU IS2525
  • Classroom lab activity designed to present students with the basic rules of solubility
  • Students will have to identify patterns in the experiment that will then be applied to a practical exercise
  • This activity kit is a perfect fit for chemistry labs and classrooms
  • Kit includes enough material for 15 groups of students
  • Teacher's manual and student study guide copymasters are included

Take your students on an investigation to determine some of the basic rules of solubility. This experiment challenges students to identify patterns within the experiment and then apply that knowledge in a practical exercise. With this new twist on an old experiment, learners are exposed to a new experience while still attaining the same critical information.

What's in the box?

  • 1 bottle ferrous chloride, 0.1M (20mL)
  • 1 bottle potassium iodide, 0.1M (20mL)
  • 1 bottle sodium bromide, 0.1M (20mL)
  • 1 bottle calcium chloride, 0.1M (20mL)
  • 1 bottle sodium carbonate, 0.1M (20mL)
  • 1 bottle potassium phosphate, 0.1M (20mL)
  • 1 bottle calcium acetate, 0.1M (20mL)
  • 1 bottle sodium silicate, 0.1M (20mL)
  • 1 bottle aluminum sulfate, 0.1M (20mL)
  • 1 bottle silver nitrate, 0.1M (20mL)
  • 1 bottle zinc sulfate, 0.1M (20mL)
  • 1 bottle potassium hydroxide, 0.1M (20mL)
  • 1 bottle unknown solution, 0.1M (20mL)
  • 210 pipettes
  • 45 trays
  • Teacher's manual, student study guide copymasters, and safety data sheets