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Oxidation-Reduction Reactions: Small Group Learning by Innovating Science (Materials for 5 Groups of Students)

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  • Students, through a series of experiments, will investigate the chemical changes and physical expression of redox reactions
  • A colorless solution when reduced becomes a deeply-colored solution when oxidized
  • Students will learn how to write balanced equations for each step of the process
  • This kit contains enough material for 5 groups of students
  • Teacher's manual and student study guide copymasters are included
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Original price $45.49 - Original price $45.49
Original price
$45.49 - $45.49
Current price $45.49
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The term oxidation can mean the chemical combination of a substance with oxygen and reduction can be the removal of oxygen from a compound. When oxygen re-acts with any other element (except fluorine) it acquires electrons from that element. The element that donated the electrons is said to be reduced.

What's in the box?

  • 1 bottle ferrous ammonium sulfate, 4g
  • 1 bottle 6.0M sulfuric acid, 30mL
  • 1 bottle 1.0M potassium thiocyanate, 60mL
  • 1 bottle 2% potassium permanganate, 10mL
  • 1 bottle 3% hydrogen peroxide, 10mL
  • 1 bottle 0.1M stannous chloride, 100mL
  • 1 bottle 1% methylene blue, 5mL
  • 1 bottle 1.0M potassium hydroxide, 250mL
  • 1 bottle dextrose, 50g
Safety Data Sheet
Download Here
Engineering Practices
5 groups
Items Needed
Not included in the kit:
15 each Large flasks w/stoppers or clear bottles w/caps (at least 300mL)
45 each Beakers, 100mL
15 each Graduated cylinders, 50mL
15 each Graduated cylinders, 10mL
Distilled or deionized water
Electronic balance
Kit Specs
Comes with instructions

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Harm Code: 9023.00.000

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For Laboratory Use Only
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