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Eisco Labs Set of 5 Plastic Pulleys, Double in Tandem, 38 and 50 mm Diameter, Low Friction

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  • Five (5) double plastic pulleys
  • Diameters of 38 and 50 mm, in tandem
  • Low friction design
  • Open sided frame for ease of use
Five (5) high quality, double plastic pulleys in tandem, each on an open sided steel frame, with hooks at each end. Pulley diameters of 38 and 50 mm respectively. Pulleys are of a low-friction, ball bearing design. The open sided frame greatly facilitates stringing up as no 'threading' is involved.

This set of pulleys is very useful in the classroom to perform many different experimental set-ups investigating Newton's Force Laws.

Inner gap of pulley measures 3 mm, overall length of 14.8 cm. Each capable of holding over 30 lbs in weight.