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Atwood Machine Kit & Base - Experiment Components & Magnetic Base - For Studying Newton's Law - Atwood Machine, Right Angle Clamp, String Spool & Spring, Magnetic Base - Visual Scientifics by Eisco

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Original price $259.99 - Original price $259.99
Original price $259.99
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Current price $226.99
  • This kit includes components for the classic Atwood machine, useful in helping students apply Newton's Laws. This set includes the Visual Scientifics Magnetic base
  • Engaging activities for science and physics classrooms
  • Kit includes Atwood machine, right angle clamp, string spool, spring and magnetic base
  • Includes laboratory manual and student worksheet
  • Various accessories (sold separately) are required/recommended for the included experiments
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Original price $259.99
Original price $259.99 - Original price $259.99
Original price $259.99
Current price $226.99
$226.99 - $226.99
Current price $226.99
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Atwood Machine Kit

This kit includes:

  • Atwood Machine
  • Right angle clamp
  • String spool
  • 3.5cm long spring (with a spring constant of 21N/m)
  • Visual Scientifics Magnetic Base
  • Laboratory manual and student worksheet

The classic Atwood Machine is used to help students understand and apply Newton's Laws. The included laboratory manual and student worksheet describes experiments useful in allowing students to conceptualize how pulleys operate. The manual includes resources for instructors to help with lesson planning and to help student carry out the experiments. The activities cover approximately 2-3 hours of classroom or laboratory time, and cover Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards Concepts.

Please note that this kit does not include all required components for the experiments outlined in the laboratory manual.

Required/Recommended Components (*not included)

  • Spring Scale 2.5N (or force probe)
  • Visual Scientifics Backboard
  • (2) Small pads to protect the base as masses fall
  • Visual Scientifics Post
  • (2) Hooked mass sets (100g)(9-10g weights and 1-10g hooks)