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100pk Evidence Bags, 12" x 16" - Premium, Level 4 Security Tamper Evident Bags - Self Sealing, Transparent 2.5 Mil Coextruded Polyethylene - SECUR-PAK

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  • Pack of 100, 12" x 16" tamper evident security bags with self sealing, permanent enclosure
  • Level 4 security features heat and cold tamper indicating technology, folded bottom edges and sequential numbering system
  • Each individual bag incorporates a unique serial number & barcode, indicated on the bag, as well as the perforated top
  • Transparent 2.5 Mil plastic, for easy identification of bag contents
  • Non-smear writing block on bag & perforated top for labeling

Pack of 100 12" x 16" Secur-Pak Evidence Bags. Federal Reserve Compliant. Transparent 2.5 mil, tear-resistant, co-extruded polyethylene film. 100% recyclable. Self sealing, tamper evident enclosure. Each bag features step by step instructions for proper handling.

Secur-Pak bags are designed with Level 4 security technology, utilizing tamper evident hot and cold protection, and folded bottom edges. Enclosure seal indicates hot and cold tampering by displaying VOID graphics, and when opened, seal will read VOID and OPENED. Side graphics will distort when stretched or torn.
To ensure bags are not replaced, Secur-pak features a sequential numbering system. Each bag has it's own identifying serial number & barcode, which is displayed on the bag itself & on the removable, perforated receipt, effectively establishing an audit trail. To aid the documentation process, each bag includes non-smearing, writable areas that allow for identification and reference.