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1.5-2" Polished Quartz Crystal Point, Single Termination

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SKU HBR00001
  • Single-point, polished quartz crystal between 1.5" and 2" in length
  • Each piece is crystal clear, and takes the euhedral hexagonal form of quartz
  • From the sand on the beach to the Grand Canyon, quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on the planet
  • Samples vary naturally, and may not be identical to those pictured
  • Great piece for demonstrating crystal habit, fracture vs. cleavage, and crystal growth in the classroom or at home

Finding a perfectly hexagonal quartz crystal can be difficult, but we've made it easy. Each one of our specimens is hand-polished to exhibit that characteristic six-sided shape. Clear as crystal, and with a termination point at one end, this quartz sample gives a perfect demonstration of crystal habit and fracture, making it useful in the classroom as well as at home. Each piece is between 1.5 and 2 inches long, and weighs between 0.5 and 1 ounces, so it won't take up much space on a counter and can be carried with you easily. Great addition to any collection. Samples vary naturally, and may not look identical to those pictured. If you reach out to us before you buy, we will send a picture to ensure you are receiving a specimen you'll like.